SoCaLNativescapes Photos

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SoCaLNativescapes Photos

channel islands native landscaping

Photo 1

SoCaL Coastal Floristic Province plantscape, in a cottage floral style, with a select group of the faster growing species chosen from this region, with many being endemic to the Southern California & Northern Baja islands, extending from around Santa Barbara copunty to central Baja.  All species occur natively(without human assistance) within a mile of the ocean, though the ranges of most extend much further inland, variously.

Pathway surfacing is straw (purchased at Carter's Hay & Grain, in Lakeside). The plants will grow and fill the yard up quite nicely within a couple years.

Plant species used here include island buckwheats/Eriogonum, bush poppies/Dendromecon, island snapdragon/Galvezia, Ceanothus arboreus, california morning glories/Calystegia, Dudleyas, suncups/Camissonia, yerba santa/Eriodictyon, island verbena, island cherry/Prunus, island tree mallow/Lavatera, wild cucurbits/Cucurbita, Isomeris/ bladderpod, island snowflake/Constancea, monkey flower/Mimulus/Diplacus, california fuchsia/Epilobium/Zauschneria, jimson weed/Datura, summer holly/Comarostaphylis, Toyon, southern foothill penstemon, mirabilis, encelia sunflower bush, giant coreopsis, sea coreopsis, and some annuals.

Southern California islands native landscaping

Photo 2

InsidInside perspectives

Southern California native landscaping

Photo 3

 Main yellow flowers on both sides are Camissonia bistorta.  Eriogonum giganteum by sidewalk entrance.  Eriodictyon in center, behind Dendromecon rigida and Dudleya brittonii.  White flowers at right are Calystegia macrostegia 'Anacapa Pink'.  And other less prominently visible species.

Channel Islands native landscaping

Photo 4

 Orange and red Mimulus aurantiacus in front, Dendromecon harfordii at right, Epilobium canum at right(not in bloom), Eriogonum giganteum behind Mimulus, Mirabilis laevis(Baja norte form) at left of Eriogonum, yellow flowered Camissonia bistorta beyond Epilobium at right, leaves at left photo edge are Prunus lyonii, plants beyond Prunus are yellow flowered Dendromecon rigida, Lavatera assurgentiflora lavender and magenta varieties.  Isomeris arborea behind Camissonia bistorta, and more of the same species, and others, further in the yard.


Southern California native landscaping

Photo 5

Photo above is red Keckiella cordifolia at left, yellow Mimulus aurantiacus at right, Dendromecon rigida behind Mimulus, Prunus lyonii in middle, yellow flowers at left are Camissonia cheiranthifolia, white flowers at left aare Eriogonum giganteum, yellow 'spot' of a couple flowers at left in distance are Dendromecon harfordii, at lleft and right in background in yard are deep pink Lavatera assurgentiflora.

Photo at left which can be opened up, is pink Eriogonum grande rubescens at front, Camissonia bistorta behind, young yellow Dendromecon harfordii at right, Dudleya brittonii in back left center, more yellow Camissonia bistorta at left background, Camissonia cheiranthifolia at left by light, and foreground of green jeep cherokee car, Eriogonum giganteum in front of red car at left, yellow Dendromecon harfordii at background right, blue Leymus condensatus 'canyon prince' grass at right, orange-red Mimulus aurantiacus by mailbox tree stump left center, white flowers at right are Calystegia macrostegia 'anacapa pink'(a california morning glory).

Southern California Native Landscaping

Photo 6

 White flower masses are Eriogonum giganteum(aka, St. Catherine's Lace).

Southern California native landscaping

Photo 7


Southern California islands plantscape / landscape

Photo 8


Early April, 2017, 6 years after initial installation.  Pt. Loma/OB.   Lavender-purplish flowers in middle are Mirabils californica/laevis.    Dendromecon harfordii at left, draped with Calystegia microstegia 'anacapa pink'. Yellow daisies in back at right are Leptosyne gigantea.  Daisies in front at left are Leptosyne maritima.   The silvery growth is a combination of Eriogonum grande rubescens (small), Eriogonum giganteum (larger), and Cryptantha clevelandii in front of mailbox in center of photo.

Southern California islands plantscape / landscape

Photo 9

Early June and late May, 2017, 6 years after initial installation.  Showing seasonal change two months later.   The low growing yellow flowers are a combination of Camissonia bistorta and Deinandra fasciculata.  The rouge flowers are Eriogonum grande-rubescens.   The silvery foliaged plant to the right of center, with yellow flower spikes(faintly visible in the photo grain), is Constancea nevinii.


San Diego and SoCaL islands natives landscape

Photo 10


San Diego and SoCaL islands plantscape/landscape.   Spring 2017, 3 years after initial installation.


San Diego and SoCaL islands natives landscape

Photo 11

3 + years after installation.  Linda Vista, 2017.

SoCaL Nativescapes

Photo 12

New design-install, September 2012, composed of already existing decades old Liquidambar trees at right back, and young plants of Mission Manzanita, Del Mar Manzanita, Lemonade Berry, San Diego/flat-top Buckwheat, Stipa lepida(grass), Epilobium californicum,  and Juncus patens (rush).   No irrigation system, just occasional hand watering is intended.   Photos below are July and August 2013.

SoCaL Nativescape

Photo 13

Perspective from front door.  Boulders and flagstones from KRC Rock. 

SoCaL Nativescape

Photo 14

Other perspective. 

San Diego Native Plantscape

Photo 15

Rock-creek work by Advanced Waterscapes.   I did the plantscape composition, with all local regional natives, which are the following:   Eriogonum fasciculatum(local buckwheat bush), Laural Sumac, Toyon, Lemonade Berry, Jojoba, Epilobium canum, Bergerocactus emoryi, Dudleya edulis, Dudleya lanceolata, Dudleya brittonii(northern Baja Norte native, nearly the same habitat community as San Diego; the only one not native to San Diego used in the composition not counting the pre-existing Aleppo pines and iceplant in background).

SoCaL coastal island endemics/coastal natives cottage garden

Photo 16

April 2013, SoCaL islands composition, primarily.  Pt. Loma/OB.

Southern California islands plantscape / landscape

Photo 17

Early June, 2013.  Southern California islands plantscape/landscape.   The three (here) island Eriogonums are in bloom, plus plenty of yellow Camissonia bistorta, some white flowered Calystegia macrostegia, and the brownish 'flowers' beneath the Brahea edulis (palm species) is Leptosyne gigantea.

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