San Diego Low Water Landscaping

San Diego Low Water Landscaping

Succulent & Cactus Garden, Encinitas/Leucadia, by Michael Buckner



 North side of Moonlight Beach area up the street slope.



Cactus and Succulent Garden in Mt. Soledad, by Michael Buckner

Cactus & succulent garden in Mt. Soledad neighborhood, 2016.  Also shown further back in blog from several years ago.

Banksia prionotes


Banksia prionotes, a Western Australian native, growing in Valley Center; red-leaved Leucadendron behind at right.

Problem Diagnosis & Resolution

 From plenty of experience, I’m able to diagnose and resolve most issues with your plant and landscape concerns, including plant health issues, insects, diseases, soils, fertility, site situations, watering practices, irrigation auditing, plant identification, and more.... With some insect and disease cases I may also include additional outside source information in explaining and confirming the diagnosis and resolution, such as with certain reference texts or websites that cover such matters.

All Types of Plants

Covering all types of plants in my work.

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