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Cherimoya (Annona cherimola)

(Click on title to see more info)   Cherimoya of the El Bumpo variety, original tree grown By Rudy Haluza in Villa Park, CA, but this one grown in Point Loma/Ocean Beach, where I've grown it since the early 1990's, which was grafted onto a young cherimoya seedling in 1989.  Showing same fruit below, one week later, soft-ripe ready to eat and getting eaten.  El Bumpo has a light 'grain' texture, pineapple-banana flavor, weak medium thick skin, not a leathery strong skin.


Yes, I do plant grafting. What is grafting?  Grafting is a surgical operation done with plants in order to switch varieties on a given plant(tree, bush, vine), or to have multiple varieties of a given type of fruit, flower, leaf, branching structure, or other unique growth characteristic, all growing on the same plant.  

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