Cherimoya (Annona cherimola)

(Click on title to see more info)   Cherimoya of the El Bumpo variety, original tree grown By Rudy Haluza in Villa Park, CA, but this one grown in Point Loma/Ocean Beach, where I've grown it since the early 1990's.  Showing same fruit below, one week later, soft-ripe ready to eat and getting eaten.  El Bumpo has a light 'grain' texture, pineapple-banana flavor, weak medium thick skin, not a leathery strong skin.

Photo below showing a split-open (by hand, knife used) 'Nata' variety fruit ready for eating (The original Nata tree was grown by George Emerich of Fallbrook), - I've grown this variety since the early 1990's, with original scion acquired from Mr. Emerich at his property.  Nata has a basic excellent cherimoya 'pineapple banana' flavor, sweet and flavorful, smoother grained than El Bumpo, typically a bit more tang/acidity than El Bumpo, but not always.  Can be very sweet, fine grained, and 'rich'.

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