Ice Cream Bean - Inga edulis

 (click underlined title to see more photos)  Ice Cream Bean Fruit/Pod:  The soft, mildly to moderately sweet, mellow flavored white flesh is what's eaten fresh from the pod, and the seeds being spit out.  The flesh is enjoyably soft and moist with very thin fiber sometimes similar to cotton candy strands but softer if the fruit is from a tree of high quality fruit.  The flesh has no acid tang.   The flesh envelopes the seeds, and can be picked out as segments, one flesh segment per seed (seeds occur as an individual cluster of typically multiple fused seeds about 1" in total fused length, one seed-cluster per segment of flesh).  The pod in the photos here is of medium small size, about 6", whereas pods are commonly close to 12".   

The tree grows fairly fast to about 20 feet tall, 25 feet or more wide, a few feet per year, and is very resourceful with its roots getting water.   Ice Cream Bean trees are ypically rather productive with fruiting.

The quality of the fruit depends on the tree, which depends on the original quality of fruit from which the seed was from.   Low quality fruit trees have fruit with rather dry-ish cottony flesh, which is not so desirable to eat.

High quality Ice Cream Beans are good fruit-food for moderate sweet and moist quality.   Fruits ripen 4 to 6 months from blooming.   Bottom photo shows Ice Cream Bean tree in flower in January.  The ripe fruit in the photos is from late June.  Fruit ripen all of June through all of July, and there's potential for ripe fruit at other times of the year, depending on flowering.

Tree in bloom in January, in bloom (white pom pom flowers, similar to styling of Calliandra flowers), about 3 1/2 years from planting from 15gallon size (Purchased in 5gal. size, but transplanted to this spot from another part of the yard after one year growing in the ground):



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