All the following nurseries, and, irrigation and landscape-materials suppliers, have been important for my business, especially Walter Andersen Nursery, where I worked for 12 years and has been a major part of my experience and development, and ongoing business.

Walter Andersen Nursery - - San Diego, Poway

Plant Nurseries:

Anderson's La Costa Nursery  -   -  north Leucadia
Armstrong Nurseries  -  -  Baypark, Mission Gorge, El Cajon, Solana Beach
Cedros Gardens Nursery -  -  Solana Beach
City Farmer's Nursery -  -  Home Ave/ Euclid, east of downtown a few miles
Daylily Hill Nursery - - Bonsall/by the 15-freeway
Evergreen Nursery -  -  Carmel Valley, Rancho Bernardo, Oceanside
Green Gardens Nursery -  -  Pacific Beach

Grigsby Cactus Garden -  - Vista
Hunter's Nursery -
Lemon Grove - (619) 463-9341
Kniffings Nursery -  -  Lakeside
Las Pilitas Nursery  - 
California regional native plants   -   -   Valley Center/Escondido
Miramar Wholesale Nurseries  -   -  Miramar
Mission Hills Nursery  -    -   Mission Hills                                                    

Moosa Creek Nursery -   -  Valley Center   
Rancho Valhalla Nursery  -  
East Helix/South El Cajon/Valhalla - (619) 590-1025
Recon(Regional Conservation / Regional Environmental Consultants) Native Plants Nursery –  -  SE Imperial Beach                       

Terra Bella Nursery -   -  South Bay near Imperial Beach

The Palm Nursery -  619 223 5054 - between Bonsall and Valley Center by the 15 freeway                                   

Tree of Life Nursery - California regional native plants  - - E. San Juan Capistrano                                                                                      

Village Nurseries   -   -  Del Mar/Carmel Valley                                   

Walter Andersen Nursery - - San Diego, Poway                    


Irrigation Suppliers:

Ewing Irrigation Supplies  -   -  Clairemont/Kearny Mesa, El Cajon, Chula Vista

Hydroscape Irrigation Supplies  -  -  Kearny Mesa, El Cajon, Chula Vista


Bulk Flagstone, Rock, Boulder, Mulch Suppliers:

Bedrock Boulders & Landscape Products - - S. El Cajon/Valhalla

KRC Rock - - Lakeside, Poway, San Marcos

Lamps Landscape Materials - S. El Cajon/Valhalla  -  (619) 441-7625 

RCP Block and Brick - - Lemon Grove, Santee, Chula Vista, Encinitas, Escondido, Murrieta

Southwest Boulder & Stone - - Pacific Beach, Fallbrook, Indio, Cathedral City



For basic hand clippers(secateurs) and loppers, I'm happy with Corona brand because they're strong, simple, and reliable, and I get them at Walter Andersen Nursery:    I particularly recommend the forged 3/4" basic hand secateur, and the 26" Orchard Lopper.

Hand Saws:

For hand saws that I use for pruning, I prefer Silky Saws because of their cutting quality and design, and they come with sheaths:     

My two favorite models are the Sugoi 360, and the Ibuki 390, both suitable for cutting up to around eight to ten inch diameters.  Silky has a vast array of saw models and sizes to choose from for a variety of uses including pole saws with up to 21' extension, root pruning saws, and various artisanal carpentry saws.  They have dozens of saw models to choose from for the variety of uses.

On a related note, Sawz-Alls, which are electric, with a cord usually, and with blades being sharp, are easier maintenance than chainsaws, though about 3 to 4 times slower cutting, yet make quick work of shrub and small tree demolition, up to about one-foot trunk and limb diameters.


Hauling and Recycling:

Andres Demolition and Hauling, skidsteer/bobcat services:  619 298 3636     -   Fully equipped and efficient, have him scrape out your lawn, vegetation, and all other construction materials and concrete, to haul away in his huge heavy duty trailer.


Member of the following organizations:

California Native Plant Society  -
California Rare Fruit Growers -
California Urban Forests Council -
International Society of Arboriculture -

Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden -

San Diego Horticultural Society -

C27 893456


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