New York Muscat Grape

(Click on title to see more photos and info)New York Muscat grape, grown in Point Loma/OB, two and a half blocks from the ocean.   Excellent muscat flavored fruit, and yes it has seeds, which I like, though doesn't mean I always ingest them, I typically spit them out, but, in my opinion, at least, grapes with seeds have a more nourishing feel, more 'ummphh', a feel of more nourishing balance as food compared to seedless grapes,.. in my opinion and feel.  NYM gets no disease here of any significance, or even notice on my part, no fuss, ripens well, no cracked fruit.   Medium vigor on own roots, grows much better on more vigorous rootstocks.  Hybrid of Eastern North America grape and Muscat Hamburg(a European muscat grape, the hybrid was done by Cornell staff in the very early 20th century).   Ripens during July-August.  Birds and varmints like to eat them,... raccoons, possum,...


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