Prickly Pear Fruits (Opuntia ficus-indica)

(Click on title to see more photos) Three different varieties of Prickly Pear (aka Tunas) grown here in San Diego, an orange-ish one, a red-magenta one, and a yellow one.   All very drought tolerant and produce excellent for eating nourishing and refreshing fruit, if you like Prickly Pear.  Ripens mainly during summer-autumn.   The yellow one is 'Quillota' from the Luther Burbank Farm, which I acquired by mail order.  The other two are from original plants in the BayPark neighborhood.  And, these all have little spines called 'glochids' on the fruit which need to be taken off before handling with bear hands as I'm showing.  Take off the spines by using rubber suitaboy thick enough leather gloves or even lightly briefly flaming with a flame torch which makes the spines melt away without further damage to the fruit.  Or, get creative by some other means of dealing with the thorns, although those two methods are the most common.

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