Walter Andersen Honey Delight Fig (aka Corky's Honey Delight Fig)

(Click on title to see more info)  Honey Delight Fig, from the Walter Andersen Nursery family (aka 'Corky's Honey Delight Fig, - a family member named Corky).   Excellent, beautifully luscious sweet fruit.  Main crop and typically most luscious crop is the June crop, if weather is warm or hot and not too humid, which form on previous years twig/branch growth (aka Breba crop), - beautiful luscious flavorful soft-green-ripe fruits.  2nd crop is in August, which can also be very luscious qualty fruits (as long as the weather isn't very humid, like in 2015), though the individual fruit size is 1/2 to 1/3 the size of the June crop fruits, and that's fine, the quality is usually great.   These fruits are grown in Point Loma/OB, two blocks from the ocean. 


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