Asian Pear Multi-graft bush-tree: Shinseiki, Nijisseiki, Hosui, Chojuro

(Click on underlined title to see more info and pictures)   Four Asian Pear varieties grafted onto this pear roostock, as shown in the photo (Pyrus calleryana is apparently the rootstock).   The original planting of this was with another pear graft variety from some years ago which didn't survive, but the rootstock survived and become its own tree, which was about 15' tall, which I cut back in winter to about 5' tall with multiple limbs kept for grafting onto, then let it re-grow through spring, then cut that growth back a bit more for suitable graft positioning and did the grafting on the same day in early June, 2020, with the grafted growth shown in the picture above in September 2020, three months after grafting.    Growth management of the re-growth is necessary a few times during summer so that the rootstock doesn't overtake the graft growth, while still leaving some small amount of roostock shoot-growth (partially cut back) along the grafted roostock-limbs in the first year of grafting; and then following the first year any rootstock shoot growth is entirely cut back.

Photos below show the day of grafting with the set-up cutback and immediately after installing the grafts.  The  varieties grafted on are Shinseiki, Nijisseiki, Hosui, and Chojuro.


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