Regional Native Plants of Particular Interest: Heteromeles arbutifolia - Toyon - large bush / small patio tree

 Native to much of the SoCaL region westward of the mountains, Toyon(Heteromeles arbutifolia) gets around 6 to 15 feet +, rarely to 25-30 feet, depending on water and location.  White blooms Spring to Fall(variable per area), red berries in Fall/Winter.  

Regional natives of particular interest: Camissonia cheiranthifolia - Beach Primrose, Ambrosia chamissonis - Beach Burr

 Both native to beach areas in regular sandy beach soil, though can grow in sandy loam soil too.  Beach Primrose(yellow flowers) blooms year-round.  Takes regular irrigation, which is necessary for good appearance and abundant Summer-Fall bloom, but survives on rainfall alone in the wild, and in moderate domestic situations.

Regional natives of particular interest: Abronia umbellata,- lavender; Abronia maritima,- magenta, both Sand Verbena

(Clicked underlined title to see more) Abronia umbellata and Camissonia cheiranthifolia top photo, Mariners Point.  Second photo, Abronia maritima at north Blacks Beach.                            


Regional Natives of Particular Interest: Venegasia carpesioides - subshrub

(clicked underlined title to read more info) Gets a few feet all around, blooms most of year.  Does well in bright shade as well as moderate sun; needs moderate water throughout the year to keep it looking best.  Uncommon; occurs naturally most often in north slope drainage gullies that don't have much competing vegetation.

Regional Native Plants of Particular Interest: Keckiella cordifolia - sprawling shrub

 Bush Penstemon(Keckiella cordifolia), sprawls to around 5 foot +, growing into and through other shrubs with it's semi-viney growth.  Red-orange flowers, blooms Spring-Summer.  Does best with moderate water throughout the year.

Regional Natives of Particular Interest: Lessingia(Corethrogyne) filaginifolia - low loose growth or spreading groundcover

At Torrey Pines, Corethrogyne(Lessingia) filaginifolia ssp. linifolia.  Blooms late Spring through Summer, light lavender colored Aster flowers.

Regional natives of particular interest: Lotus nuttalianus, Beach Lotus, low spreader


Beach Lotus(tiniest golden-rouge flowers) growing amongst Beach Primrose(bigger yellow flowers) at Mariners Point, in sandy soil.


Regional natives of particular interest: Sand Verbena, low spreader, Beach Primrose

Abronia umbellata, Sand Verbena(lavender colored flowers, w/ white centers) growing next to Beach Primrose on Mariners Point top photo.  Bottom photo shows Abronia maritima(purple magenta flowers), which is another type of Sand Verbena, with a little bit of Beach Primrose in upper edge.  All are also native to the SoCaL islands.

Regional natives of particular interest: Ceanothus arboreus, large shrub

Ceanothus arboreus, gets around 9 to 20 feet depending on the variety.  This one is about 12'.  Native to Pimu, Limu, Wi'Ma, and Guadalupe Island.  Spring and Fall bloom.  Photo by Ken Owen.

Regional Natives of Particular Interest: Erigeron glaucus


Erigeron glaucus, occurs on the northern Channel Islands, especially Tukan.  And also occurs along the coast from central California into the pacific northwest coastal areas.  Blooms Spring through Summer, grows 8 to 12 inches tall by about 2 feet wide.

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