Dendromecon rigida, Stipa coronata, Cneoridium dumosum, at north Del Mar Torrey Pines Canyon

Spring 2016.   Showing Dendromecon rigida, with yellow flowers, the clump grass called Stipa coronata with it's tall thin arching stalks, and Cneoridium dumosum with it's small narrow slender leaves and tiny burnt-orange colored fruits.    And, Torrey Pines in the background.   This collection in the foreground is right by the edge of a 20' cliff drop.   A dramatic, core, beautiful composition.

Olive tree cutting back, and artistic revival

 Olive tree, which was carefully cut back, then let to regrow in a very formal artistic manor,... and showing off it's 'wizened character' trunk.   I don't know who the work-artist is.  Summer 2017.

Melaleuca nemophila, Japanese pine bonsai style of pruning

 Melaleuca nesophila trained-pruned to be in character like a bonsai-pine.   I don't know who the pruning-trimming artist is.   Excellent work-art.  Summer 2017.

Phyla nodiflora, aka Lippia, and aka Kurapia if of the Japanese bred lineage.

(Click on underlined blog entry title to see more) Possibly native to the California Floristic Province, or, possibly not.  Calflora lists it as native to Calflora.   That matter is uncertain by the most prominent botanists, but South America is consistently figured the most likely 'home region', though it's figured native to other regions, including North America, at least by some official state level botanical references.

'Royale' Fig, aka 'Black Madeira Fig', in San Diego

(Click on underlined title to see more info and pictures)  Royale Fig, 2017, in OB, Sunset Cliffs, after a luscious bite, and a bit of adjustment of the fruit-meat for the photo(more photos further below if you click on the title).   Excellent rich very sweet fig, can sometimes have raspberry jam flavor notes, with delicious skin, which is marshmallowy and chewy.   I've grown this fig since 1990.  Ripens better in warmer dryer climate or micro-climate, best quality further inland.

Prickly Pear fruit - Round deep red fruits

 Deep red Prickly Pear fruit, from plants growing in Poway.  This is not a native Opuntia, this is an Opuntia ficus-indica sort.  This is a round fruited form, with round leaves/pads.   Fruit has soft juicy flesh, juicier than typical prickly pear fruits for fresh eating, which is mildly sweet, with more tanginess/acidity(but not 'too much') than typical prickly pear fruit varieties used for fresh eating.    Pleasant, refreshing eating quality.

Mango 'Villa Senor'

(Click on title for more info) Nice medium flavor, meaty, low fibrosity, medium to large fruit - 5 to 6 inches long, usually less than a pound, about 12oz, no disease problems, beautiful fruit, yellow-peachy skin with occasional rouge/pink blush, and some innocuous darker specks, yellow-peachy colored flesh, good productivity.   It's a very worthwhile mango.

Apricot and Peach grafted together

 (Click on title to see photos of the individual fruit)  Photo taken 2011.  Here we have an old apricot variety from Pt. Loma(could be Blenheim, Royal,.. who knows), with Mid Pride Peach, of which both were grafted onto an apricot seedling, MidPride Peach being grafted on in 1995, the apricot a few years later.   Both are excellent eating varieties for quality flavor, and most years are very productive, two blocks from the ocean here in Pt. Loma/South-OceanBeach.

Cherimoya (Annona cherimola)

(Click on title to see more info)   Cherimoya of the El Bumpo variety, original tree grown By Rudy Haluza in Villa Park, CA, but this one grown in Point Loma/Ocean Beach, where I've grown it since the early 1990's.  Showing same fruit below, one week later, soft-ripe ready to eat and getting eaten.  El Bumpo has a light 'grain' texture, pineapple-banana flavor, weak medium thick skin, not a leathery strong skin.

Dessert King Fig / Desert King Fig, most likely. - (originally understood to be Andersen's / Corky's Honey Delight Fig)

(Click on title to see more info)  Excellent, beautifully luscious sweet fruit.  I acquired this fig tree as a baby-tree from Walter Andersen Jr. in 1992, and have grown it in the ground since that year, and it has performed great all along.   The main crop with Dessert King is the first crop, the June crop, aka 'breba crop', which is typically the most luscious crop, if the weather is warm or hot and not too cool and overcast, and which forms on the previous year's branch growth.

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