Regional Native Plants of Particular Interest: Isocoma menziesii, Baccharis pilularis, Artemisia californica,...

 (Click on underlined title to see more) Isocoma in foreground, Baccharis pilularis(bush form) in middle background.  Photo in early Autumn, Del Mar.  Brownish dry-dormant Artemisia californica in mid-background.   Torrey Pine, center background.  Atriplex lentiformis left background, light grey foliage.

Regional Native Plants of Particular Interest: Eriophyllum confertiflorum and some Coastal and Foothill Shrub Scrub

(Click on underlined title to see more) Gets about 2 feet all around, loose.  Blooms Spring to Summer.  Top Photo in Pt. Loma, with Torrey Pines, Adenostoma fasciculata, Artemisia californica, Lemonade Berry, and Rhamnus crocea(left front corner) being the most prominent other plants.  Weed non-native iceplant in foreground.  Bottom photo at Mt.

Regional Native Plants of Particular Interest: Flowers of: Lemonade Berry, and, Ceanothus verrucosus

 Top photo of white flowered Lemonade Berry at left, and the usual pink flowered at right.  Bottom photo of the pink flowered LB at left, and white flowered Ceanothus verrucosus at right.

Creative and Interesting Patio Brickwork

(Click on underlined title to see more) These two pictures are from the following blog site:

Regional Native Plants of Particular Interest: Centaurium venustum - Canchalagua - annual

(Click on underlined title to see more) Centaureum venustum, pink flowers, blooms Spring to early Summer; in dry open exposures usually gets around 3 to 6 inches tall, more where it gets more water or part shade.  Yellow flower in top photo appears to be a young stage Chaenactis glab. in bloom, and in-bud Deinandra(both shown separately further in this blog).

Regional Native Plants of Particular Interest: Epilobium canum 'Catalina'

522Catalina California Fuchsia, blooms in Summer, though can sometimes bloom in Spring also.  Get's about 3 feet tall and spreads some length more.  Silvery foliage.  Yellow flowers in background are Constancea nevinii, also native to the southern SoCaL Islands.  Landscape here done by Greg Rubin, located in Pt. Loma.

Near SDSU, simple subtropical-scape rental

 Middle Bougainvillea probably 'Orange King', ties in with building.  Unknown designer.

East Carmel Valley, private gated community

Unknown landscape architect/designer.


Hillcrest Landscape, Asiatic theme

Unknown landscape designer.  

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