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'Anacapa Pink' Calystegia macrostegia island morning glory vine growing over Dendromecon harfordii / Island Bush Poppy

 Showing the Island Morning Glory 'Anacapa Pink' variety growing over and through Island Bush Poppy.   The daisies at left are Leptosyne, most likely a hybrid of L. maritima and L. gigantea, given that it has an in between morphology of being bushier, wider, and more floriferous than either species.

Gambelia speciosa growing on / through Prunus i. lyonii. Island bramble snapdragon growing on / through Island Cherry

Island Bramble Snapdragon (red flowers) growing on / through Island Cherry, blooming height from about 3 feet to 9 feet.   The white flower raceme-clusters are the Island Cherry flowers.   In Pt. Loma, two blocks from the ocean.

Gambelia speciosa growing on / through Dendromecon harfordii. Island bramble snapdragon growing on / through Island Bush Poppy

 Island Bramble Snapdragon (red flowers) growing on / through Island Bush Poppy.   Leptosyne maritima daisy growing at left, which gets tall when growing amongst taller plants, as here.  Trunk in mid-background is Guadalupe Palm.   In Pt. Loma.

Grapes in San Diego area

 Beginning now, July 28, 2019, I'm sharing some of my observations with growing grapes here in the San Diego area since the early 1990's, with emphasis on home garden growing.   I only grow grapes with seeds, -  to me with-seed grapes have a more nutritive feel to my body,... apparently a more nutritive effect on my body.  These are all grown with reference to fresh-eating.

'Cocktail' Mandelo Citrus

 This is 'Cocktail' mandelo, a mandarin x pummelo hybrid.  The fruit is beautifully flavored with usually low acidity with a mild grapefruit flavor and refreshingly sweet.    The flesh is golden colored; grapefruit sized fruit.   'Cocktail' is a very productive variety and does well from at least coastal to foothill locations.   The tangerine/mandarin fruits in the background on the tree are the 'Clementine' mandarin/tangerine.

White Sapote (Casimiroa edulis)

(CLICK ON TITLE TO SEE MORE INFO)  White Sapote fruit, a very sweet, lightly juicy, or, more so creamy, very sweet soft fleshed fruit, with large white seeds in the center of the fruit about 1.5 inches long and a bit narrower in width.   The fruits are a few inches in diameter, the skin color ranges from green to yellow, variable per sun exposure of the fruit and the particular variety or genetics of the individual tree.

Ficus benjamina disc-topiary

 Ficus benjamina trim-style suitable for the Jetson's landscaping,... pretty far out.  In Pacific Beach.

Ice Cream Bean - Inga edulis

 (click underlined title to see more photos)   The tree grows fairly fast to about 20 feet tall, 25 feet or more wide, a few feet per year, and is very resourceful with its roots getting water.   Ice Cream Bean trees are typically rather productive with fruiting.   The fruit is mild mellow sweet, no acid tang, and mildly moist to dry-ish.   The flesh is about a 1/4" thick with a fused seed of about 1"x1/2" in size.

Lychee / Litchi fruit growing in San Diego area

 (click on underlined title to see more photos and info)   Lychees / Litchis can do really well in the San Diego area in average diggable San Diego region soils.   The variety in these photos is on a north facing slight slope aspect in the La Mesa / Spring Valley area.    The tree is about 18' tall by 20' wide, with the trunk diameter about 10" wide near ground level.   I estimate the age of the tree about 40 to 50 years old.

Phlebodium (Polypodium) aureum, Fern - standard upright form

(Click underlined title to see more pictures and info)   Phlebodium aureum, fern, standard form, in landscape in Pt. Loma, in a sort of 'habitat styling'.   Goes great with Malvaviscus, which is a few entries before/below in this blog.  Both are native to southeast North America through portions of gulf-region Mexico, Central America, Caribbean, and northern South America.   This landscape(3 in-ground photos) was installed about 30 to 40 years ago,..

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