Carex spissa, Juncus effusus, Woodwardia fimbriata, Rubus ursinus, Platanus racemosa, Quercus agrifolia

 All four of the above species shown here together in the San Diego upper hills, at Hell Hole Canyon Nature Preserve, growing in a spring-creek.   The Carex is like a tall grass, but technically not a grass, center;  the Juncus is a more slender reed, grass-like, on the sides.  Woodwardia is the fern in the back area.   Rubus ursinus at forward groundlevel (native Blackberry, - though from what I've noticed, the species is not much fruitful).  And the two trees are Platanus(Sycamore), with yellow leaves(though in January, normal for the region), and Live Oak tree, center trunk.

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