Southern California Native Landscaping

Southern California Native Landscaping

Regional Native Plants of Particular Interest: Dendromecon harfordii - medium to large bush

Island Bush Poppy(Dendromecon harfordii),  gets to around 6 to 10 feet, and, like other plants, can be kept smaller with appropriate trimming management.  SoCaL islands endemic, native only to Wimat, Limu, Pimu, and Kinki(though eliminated by feral goats and pigs on Kinki).  Blooms year-round.

Regional Natives of Particular Interest: Quercus tomentella - Island Oak, click underlined for description

Island Oak (Quercus tomentella) with windswept growth on a ridge, on Wimat(the island having been stripped of much vegetation by introduced cattle, elk, deer, sheep, pigs, goats - all introduced, none native, not even deer).   In lighter wind locations, and with adequate water, the Island Oak is upright to rounded, and gets around 60 feet, but can be maintained by appropriate trimming to practically any smaller size, just like Bonsai, - as can, practically, any tree or other plant.

Regional Natives of Particular Interest: Lyonothamnus floribundus asplenifolius - Tree, click underlined for description

 (Click on underlined title to see more photos) Island Ironwood, fern-leaf form (Lyonothamnus floribundus ssp. asplenifolius). Potentially grows to 30 feet tall or more with abundant water, but less with less water, upright to upright rounded.  SoCaL islands endemic.  The 'asplenifolius' subspecies is endemic(occurring natively only on) to Wimat (Santa Rosa Island), Limu (Santa Cruz Island), and Kinki (San Clemente Island).   The other subspecies, 'floribundus' (Lyono. flor. ssp.

Regional Natives of Particular Interest: Brahea edulis - Palm

The Guadalupe palm(Brahea edulis), endemic(native only to) to Guadalupe Island, which is 265 miles southwest of San Diego, grows slowly to about 30 feet tall by about 14 feet wide.  Grows about 4 feet per decade with adequate water.  Best aesthetic is by pulling fronds off rather than cutting.  Fronds pull off after browning/dying.  Figure doing a once per year dead-fronds removal in winter.

Regional natives of particular interest: Gambelia speciosa - medium bushy or sprawly, click underlined for description

(Click on underlined title to see more) Island Snapdragon Bush(Galvezia speciosa) gets around a few feet all around, and potentially much more either spreading in brambling manner or crawling up other plants.  Natively occurs on Pimu, Kinki, and Guadalupe island.


SoCal Nativescapes


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Regional Native Plants of Particular Interest: Constancea nevinii - medium bush


Eriophylum nevinii, SoCaL islands endemic, native only to Siwot, Pimu, and Kinki.  Gets about about a few feet all around, late Spring to mid Summer bloom.



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