Colorful Succulent composition by Michael Buckner, background by Tom Piergrossi, Sin Jen, and Lila the property owner

Click underlined title for more text) In Mission Hills.  The foreground plants are all succulents, except the rouge center is Neoregelia 'Fireball', a type of bromeliad.  Plants in the succulent composition include:  Portulacaria afra 'variegata' (foreground), Sedum nussbaumerianum (burnt orange), Crassula ovata 'sunset' (yellow), Sedum rubrotinctum (small reddish at left foreground), Aeonium 'sunburst'(yellow-cream-green rosettes), Yucca 'bright star' (at right, with winter 'pinking'), Aloe maculata(at right), Euphorbia 'firesticks (pink-orange), Agave attenuata 'variegata', Agave bracteosa at left,  couple other Aloes at left, the one reddish one probably being Aloe cameronii, Agave 'Joe Hoak'(cream-green at left), Echeveria 'Mahogany rose'(alongside 'Joe Hoak'), Crassula ovata 'variegata' (left of 'Joe Hoak'), Kalanchoe luciae(?/thyrsiflora)(at left), Euphorbia milii(red flowers, behind 'Joe Hoak'), Kalanchoe blossfeldiana(left half, reddish-orange flowers).  Variegated non-succulent plants behind left of center are variegated Coprosma and variegated Eleagnus.  February 2013.   San Diego succulent landsaping.

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