Plantscape/Landscape composition is about desires, values, intent, art, and drawing inspiration from the idea of working with and heightening, or creating, the 'spirit of place' within your space.   My usual design philosophy in making landscapes attractive, inspiring, interesting, beautiful, practical, and useful, is focused on ‘cohesive association’ and ‘congruency’ of the materials and plants used for a given design character intent:  How well the plants go together stylistically with the desired effect or landscape character intent along with the structures on, and location of, the property.  In a word:  Coordination.  Of course, that all depends on what you want with your landscape and what values you have.  

The design is a collaborative effort between you and I.  And if you don’t know what you want (...or, for appropriate reasons, I might inspire you to change some ideas), then I’ll present my ideas of what I think would be great and we can combine that with your desires to make an attractive, inspiring, interesting, beautiful, practical, and useful landscape. Landscapes anywhere from simple to elaborate can be very enjoyable depending on what is appropriate and desired for the situation.

Creating a landscape/plantscape composition can be likened to making a musical composition, and, can develop either quickly or slowly depending on the complexity of the considerations and inspirations and what may unfold as the project develops.

I do all types of Plantscape styles/themes(place sense / sense of place / spirit of place, with the given landscape and focuses, which includes drought tolerant/xeriscape, low maintenance, world-regional styles, world-regional natives, beach-scapes/coastal-scapes, habitat(even human habitat), fire-wise, rainfall and runoff retention styles, fresh standard, fiesta extravaganza, the four seasons, woodland, verdant floral woodland, watershed habitat, Mediterranean, California fusion, subtropical, tropical, desert, cactus/succulent, cottage/English floral, hummingbird and butterfly attracting, temperate evergreen, park-like, traditional/classic American, architectural, zen, unique artistic abstract with a 'mood', glaucous plantscapes/moonscapes - silvery to bluish colored foliage, 'haunted'-scapes, rustic/wild, flowers/roses, fruits, home orchards, home vineyards, lawns, containers/planters, inside and out, and more,....along with complementary terrain elements, which could include particular soil surfaces such as decomposed granite, manufactured sand, sand, boulders, crushed rock, flagstone,.... typical range of mulch options(shredded wood, bark,..),...etc., as well as soil grade contouring variances for a naturalistic idealization of particular habitat characteristics. 

Every Plantscape can be given a genuinely thoughtful title description, such as the styles/themes and focuses mentioned above, or, as conditions indicate, terms such as corporatescape, nurseryscape, classic American landscape, randomscape, mix(ed)-scape, eclectic artscape, universal fusion, Mediterranean fusion, collectorscape, and so forth, or a combination of any of the above terms, as conditions indicate. 

Design work begins with a consultation wherein we go over the various considerations with your wants, needs, and site conditions, and then I give you my initial ideas with the design structure, thematics, and, plant, irrigation, and other materials that would work well for the design and budget, - and from these initial determinations and ideas, further ideas and determinations will likely occur as the design develops from concept to installed completion.  

p.s. Truth be told, particularly for 'color gardens', due to the desire for uniqueness and diversity, and the many and changing plant choices available, - variously -, I've often found, though not always, that the best approach to plant selection for a given design character intent is to have a design character in mind with some probable or definite plant choices also in mind.  Then, go to the nursery(-ies), and from the available plants, recognize which plants fit together well for the character-intent-associativeness of the given job.  Making 'all' the plant choices beforehand is often times rather limiting due to the numerous plant choice possibilities available to us here in San Diego, and the availability and quality changes or variances which occur, and all of which no one can really entirely keep track of.  

p.p.s.  Also, I'm available to do the ongoing development/upkeep/maintenance of the plantscape-landscape, which is the living design, to keep and/or develop the design as intended, and to modify as appropriate.

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