Dessert King Fig / Desert King Fig, most likely. - (originally understood to be Andersen's / Corky's Honey Delight Fig)

(Click on title to see more info)  Excellent, beautifully luscious sweet fruit.  I acquired this fig tree as a baby-tree from Walter Andersen Jr. in 1992, and have grown it in the ground since that year, and it has performed great all along.   The main crop with Dessert King is the first crop, the June crop, aka 'breba crop', which is typically the most luscious crop, if the weather is warm or hot and not too cool and overcast, and which forms on the previous year's branch growth.   2nd crop is in August, and is usually also luscious quality, though the fruit are around half the size of the breba crop.   Be sure the branch canopy has adequate ventilation such that the branching is not too dense, otherwise if the weather is very humid the fruit could rot if the branching is too dense.   Appropriate pruning accomplishes that.  If you want to control the tree size it's best to prune right after the 2nd crop finishes, in late summer, which allows for possibly a bit more growth to occur before winter, which will produce breba crop fruits the following June.   Standard reduction and thinning pruning can be done at that time, per modest healthy standards.   It's also fine to to prune in winter, or some additional fine tuning pruning in winter.  These fruits are grown in Point Loma/OB, two blocks from the ocean. 

I'm figuring this is the 'Dessert King / Desert King Fig', going on the morphology of the fruit, shape and color both of the skin and flesh, compared to the fruit I've seen on plants labelled as 'Corky's Honey Delight Fig' at Walter Andersen Nursery with the Monrovia Nursery tag, of which the fruit have an enlarged fleshy fruit-stem, i.e. an enlarged fleshy peduncle.


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