Landscape Design and Installation in San Diego, CA

There are only a few that can do both landscape design and installation in San Diego, CA. I am versatile and able to work on both services. Yes, I acquire the materials and do the installation for the given project, though you're welcome to do so as well.

In occasional cases, I have a plant-finder-delivery service make some of the acquisitions due to time constraints and distant regional(SoCal) location availabilities. Doing the acquisition selection and installation is part of the art of the design. I bring on laborers for streamlined work on some projects, whom I have covered with worker's compensation insurance. Occasionally a subcontractor may be used, such as for hauling and demolition scraping. And of course, the owner and family are always welcome to work on the project too.

If you are curious to know more about my landscaping services, I also want to tell you that I too do hardscaping services. You can contact me and let’s start creating the best version of your place.

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