Mango 'Florigon' growing and fruiting great near the ocean, near the beach

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Florigon mango does great at my location in south OB, in sandy-ish garden soil.  Usually true from seed without grafting.   Basically no or minimal disease,  strong growth rate, nice upright trunk and upright rounded branching structure, more drought tolerant than Citrus, leaf burn potential is less or similar to Avocados in that regard.   Polyembryonic seed.

Fruit is beautifully yellow skinned, some speckling when ripe, flesh is similar color to golden slightly orange.  Flavor is nice mild mango flavor, a bit of orange juice flavor, low fiber flesh,... very enjoyable all around.   Fruits are medium size, about 3'' to 3.5'' diameter.   

Photos show fruit from first crop, October 2020, five years from seed, four years from planting the one year old seedlings.  I've got two Florigon trees.   They've grown to about seven feet tall in four years from planting the one year old seedlings.   They would likely be at least a foot taller, being that they got transplanted 18 months after the initial planting, which caused them to minimally grow during the year of transplanting.

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