My description: James Bond mid-twentieth-cenury old-nouveau-rico-suave house and landscape, with Woodwardia radicans ferns


In Mt. Helix, on Lemon Ave., facing northwest.   Big emphasis on Woodwardia radicans fern, which is a great fern for some landscape situations, especially larger scale as with this property.  This is a classy property in the old school mid-twentieth century old-nouveau-rico-suave style.   James Bond might live here.    Woodwardia radicans ferns are easy to propagate from the 'bulblet' which is near the end of the fronds.  What you do is cut off the end of the frond with a couple of the leaflets up-stem from the bulblet along with the terminal leaflets to the tip, then set in potting soil and keep moist, and it grows.     Can reach a couple feet in growth, at least, within a year of planting from the bulblet frond start.   Woodwardia radicans is native to western Europe.

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