Oak Tree Trunk Distorted by Cracked Boulders

(Click on underlined title to read more) Quercus agrifolia, west of Santa Ysabel, just off the road a bit, a little ways from a dirt parking lot.  The purpose of this photo is showing the distorted 'melting' trunk development caused by growing between portions of a large split boulder which is very firmly set in the ground, - and in this case naturally -, of which the oak has apparently/probably caused further splitting since germination occurred, which could've been 40 years ago or so with this individual.  The distortion doesn't appear to be fungal body development, but just distorted bark-cambium-trunk development caused by the boulder restriction.   And so, this is something that can potentially be done in built landscapes that are allowed to be long term,... allowed at least a few decades of development.   Though the distorted effect can be caused sooner than later with particular intentional setting up with boulders and a choice tree, large shrub, or other suitable plant.    Consider this an artistic inspiration and fascination, among other appreciations about it.

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