Regional Native Plants of Particular Interest: Atriplex lentiformis - Quail Bush

 (Click on underlined title to see more)Silver-green leaved Quail Bush in middle, brownish-green Artemisia californica surrounding it.  Background has Torrey Pine on both sides, a very old Scrub Oak(Quercus dumosa) to the left, San Diego Mahogany(Cercocarpus m.) behind Quail Bush, Lemonade Berry between the two sections of the Cercocarpus.  Location:  North Del Mar looking southwest. North Del Mar looking north, Atriplex at right more silvery, and the string of them going back to the left more of a dull light grey-green.  Artemisia californica mixed around.  Lemonade Berry - the dark green bushes at left and further back right.  Trees are Torrey Pines.

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