Regional Native Plants of Particular Interest: Chaenactis glabriuscula, Yellow Pincussion

(click underlined title to see more)Yellow Pincushion, an annual, grows to about a 12" to 16", blooms mid-Spring to mid-Summer.  In the bottom photo, growing amongst it, are Lessingia filaginifolia, with the wispy silvery foliage, and the silvery leaved, low-growing form of Croton californicus.  Buckwheat(Eriogonum fasc.) growing immediately behind them all.  The green bush to the left I didn't take notice of when I took the photo, but from what I see in the photo, the leaves look too small to be Lemonade berry, and so it appears it could be a low tight-growing scrub oak.  Locations:  Del Mar.

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