Regional Native Plants of Particular Interest: Coreopsis gigantea, Giant Coreopsis, shrub

(Click on underlined title to see more)Showing different perspectives of Coreopsis gigantea.216216216216216  Grows and blooms Winter to Spring.  Goes dormant Summer into Fall, when the leaves go dead.  Very drought tolerant.  If you take off the dead foliage, the limbs take on a clean bare-bones structure which makes for a nice artistic character, compared to leaving the dead leaves on for a more scruffy character, which could be appropriately artistic for some intents.  Gets a few feet tall or more, and potentially up to around six feet tall in some relatively protected locations that get seasonally deep winter moisture, in well drained soil.  En masse can make like a miniature forest(notice the photo with the pathway through the 'forest' with the man down the path), with interesting understory growth such as the Dudleya succulent shown near the base of the Coreopsis trunks in the one understory photo, probably Dudleya candelabrum. Native to the SoCaL islands, Guadalupe Island, Central California coastal and the northern half of Southern California.

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