Regional Native Plants of Particular Interest: Deinandra fasciculata, annual

(Click on underlined title to see more) Annual, gets about 1 foot tall, sometimes more.  Blooms late Spring through mid Summer.  Top photo near Salk Institute.  Middle photo in Pt. Loma,  yellow flowers along walk are Deinandra.   Artemisia cal. at left, Eriogonum fas. in back, Lemonade Berry in back right, Leymus condensatus right of center, dry plants probably of Encelia cal. at right of center.  Bottom photo showing a lovely Deinandra-lined trail in Florida Canyon, across-east of the San Diego Zoo, with blooming Eriogonum fasc. on the right(and one Opuntia clump), and a mix of Quercus dumosa, Xylococcus, Lemonade Berry all on the left side slope, which faces north.

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