Regional Native Plants of Particular Interest: Eriodictyon crassifolium var. crassifolium, Silver Felty Leaf Yerba Santa

(Click on underlined title to see more)Top photo in north Del Mar, the silvery colored leaved plants in the middle are the Eriodictyon.  Grows up to about 7 feet potentially, depending on the moisture availability.  Torrey Pines in background, Cercocarpus minutiflorus at right, Salvia mellifera(foreground, dry), Artemisia californica left of center, Lemonade Berry(green bushes) in back.

Blooms in Spring; lavender colored flowers, a row-screen of plants along edge of a hot asphalt parking lot in South Miramar.   Eriodictyon spreads by underground stems, so it will make a thicket where it grows and can be somewhat invasive, but is fairly easily controlled.  Very drought tolerant.

In east Kearny Mesa,... and again, loves the heat at the edge of another asphalt parking lot.  A bit of the green 'broom' Baccharis sarothroides is poking out, a little ways back, from within the Eriodictyon mass.

North Clairemont, growing amongst Lotus scoparius, both blooming in Spring, some Eriogonum fasc., darker green, in background center.

Growing between Malosma laurina(Laurel Sumac, which is about 8+ feet tall in background here) and green 'broom' Baccharis sarothroides in foreground; Cephalophylum Icep Plant groundcover from South Africa at right; in north Kearny Mesa.


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