Regional Native Plants of Particular Interest: Isocoma menziesii, Baccharis pilularis, Artemisia californica,...

 (Click on underlined title to see more) Isocoma in foreground, Baccharis pilularis(bush form) in middle background.  Photo in early Autumn, Del Mar.  Brownish dry-dormant Artemisia californica in mid-background.   Torrey Pine, center background.  Atriplex lentiformis left background, light grey foliage.  Isocoma (bush form) typically gets around 3 to 5 feet, both species of Baccharis typically get around 5 to 7 feet.Photo in Bay Park near San Diego River, showing Isocoma menziesii, and Baccharis sarothroides(foreground and background), which looks similar to the bush form of Baccharis pilularis, except with thinner leaves and flowers, even though pilularis's are relatively thin too.   So as you can see, Baccharis and Isocoma bloom at the same time, - late Summer to mid Fall.

Isocoma amongst Eriogonum fasc. and Artmesia cal.  Light colored broad bush in background is likely Atriplex, though could be a broadly growing Baccharis pil.  Torrey Pines in the background.

Isocoma with Baccharis pil., Atriplex lent., and the usual suspects in the background.

Isocoma with the usual suspects in the background, in addition to silver leaved Eriodictyon crassifolium - aka, Silver Felt Leaf Yerba Santa, - silvery-ness depends on going dry, otherwise in moist situations it's medium dusty green.

Isocoma with Eriogonum fasc., Artemisia cal., and Torrey Pine  (the "usual suspects").


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