Regional Native Plants of Particular Interest: Point Loma Coastal Shrub Scrub, seaside, in late summer to mid autumn


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Plants in the above and following photos are:  Cneoridium dumosum - Bush Rue(yellowish), Rhus integrifolia - Lemonade Berry(green), Buckwheat - Eriogonum fasciculatum(dark brown-rouge color, of dry flowers, which are whitish when fresh), Artemisia californicum(light brown bushes, - dry dormant color), Euphorbia misera(silvery bushes, - dry dormant leafless).  Darker grey-stemmed plants might be dead Artemisia cal., and occasional silvery bushes are dead bushes apparently also of Art. cal. and Erio. fasc, but nearly all silvery bushes are dry dormant Euphorbia misera.  They green up with rains in winter and spring.  All photos Pt. Loma in late summer to mid autumn.

The usual suspects, plus Bergerocactus emoryi being the lite-brownish things sticking up in the mid-field.  There are also some greenish Eriogonum fasc. near the bottom of the photo, upper slope, amongst the light brownish Artemisia cal.   The greener bigger bushes further down the slope are Rhus integrifolia - Lemonade Berry.

In this last photo, Cneoridium in middle with Xylococcus at right, Eriogonum fasc.(buckwheat) at left and foreground, Lemonade Berry(bright green) in middle immediately growing with the Cneoridium(yellowish) and amongst the Adenostoma fasciculatum(darkest) in background at left.


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