Regional Native Plants of Particular Interest: Viguiera, Artemisia, Malosma

(Click underlined title for more)In early spring on Cowles Mtn.  Viguiera laciniata (yellow flowers), Artemisia californica (lite green-grey foliage), both of which are lite-woody shrubs, and Malosma laurina (Laurel Sumac) darker green big shrub in background, can be a big shrub to small tree,  has real wood.  Viguiera blooms mostly in Spring, though with irrigation can bloom most of the year.   Viguiera(yellow), Salvia mellifera (white spikes) at right, Eriogonum fasciculatum(Buckwheat), in bud, at both sides of Salvia, Malosma(Laural Sumac) in background, rouge colored new-leaf growth.  Malosma grows to about 6 to 15 feet depending on water availability.  Viguiera and Salvia about 3 to 4 feet.

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