Regional Natives of Particular Interest: Brahea edulis - Palm

The Guadalupe palm(Brahea edulis), endemic(native only to) to Guadalupe Island, which is 265 miles southwest of San Diego, grows slowly to about 30 feet tall by about 14 feet wide.  Grows about 4 feet per decade with adequate water.  Best aesthetic is by pulling fronds off rather than cutting.  Fronds pull off after browning/dying.  Figure doing a once per year dead-fronds removal in winter.  A little show rustic-ness is good.  Photo shows the palm within a Cherimoya orchard that is soon to be demolished for new building construction, but the palm will be saved.  This palm has close to a 15 foot trunk height up into the existing frond origination(underneath the brown/dead fronds at their origin), and close to 25 foot height at the top of the fronds/leaves.



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