Regional natives of particular interest: Camissonia cheiranthifolia - Beach Primrose - spreading grouncover or sub-shrub

Native to beach areas typically in regular sandy beach soil on the mainland and islands, though can grow in sandy loam soil too, and some heavier soils fairly well.  Blooms year-round.  Takes regular irrigation, which is necessary for good appearance and abundant Summer-Fall bloom, but survives on rainfall alone in the wild, and in moderate domestic situations.  Low and spreading usually, though there are some variations.  Potentially gets a couple feet wide or more, and about 6" to 18" tall, depending on the individual plant variance.    Pictures here taken in Winter 2010, Dog Beach-San Diego River Channel.  Growing amongst beach grass(Distichlis spicata, native), Ambrosia chamissonis(Beach-Bur, native), and wild radish(not native).

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