'Royale' Fig, aka 'Black Madeira Fig', in San Diego

(Click on underlined title to see more info and pictures)  Royale Fig, 2017, in OB, Sunset Cliffs, after a luscious bite, and a bit of adjustment of the fruit-meat for the photo(more photos further below if you click on the title).   Excellent rich very sweet fig, can sometimes have raspberry jam flavor notes, with delicious skin, which is marshmallowy and chewy.   I've grown this fig since 1990.  Ripens better in warmer dryer climate or micro-climate, best quality further inland.  I first became familiar with the fruit in 1984, with it growing in a yard over the alley in Pt. Loma, across from Dana Junior High School.   The family of the property who were growing the fig are from Madeira Island.   One of the family members told me that the variety name of this variety of fig is 'Royale',... though in the general English horticulture-biz world, this variety is known as 'Black Madeira',... but I'll keep with the original name I was told which is 'Royale',... sounds more engaging than 'Black Madeira', although both are valid.

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