San Diego Home - Yard Fruit Growing

San Diego Home - Yard Fruit Growing

Tropical Pink fleshed Guava - Psidium guajava - 'South African Pink' cultivar available through La Verne Nursery

(Click underlned title for more info)  Excellent guava, nice balance of medium sweetness, medium low / low medium acidity and classic aroma, flavor, pink flesh, yellow skin, medium firm-soft texture.   This is a grafted plant, but growing this guava (and all guavas, basically) from seed is a fair bet for high quality fruit also.  Ripens late autumn to early spring.  Photo above and the pre-cut / whole guava photo immediately below, are both late March 2020.

Asian Pear Multi-graft bush-tree: Shinseiki, Nijisseiki, Hosui, Chojuro

(Click on underlined title to see more info and pictures)   Four Asian Pear varieties grafted onto this pear roostock, as shown in the photo (Pyrus calleryana is apparently the rootstock).

Mango 'Florigon' growing and fruiting great near the ocean, near the beach

 (Clikck underlined title for more info and photos)

Florigon mango does great at my location in south OB, in sandy-ish garden soil.  Usually true from seed without grafting.   Basically no or minimal disease,  strong growth rate, nice upright trunk and upright rounded branching structure, more drought tolerant than Citrus, leaf burn potential is less or similar to Avocados in that regard.   Polyembryonic seed.

Grapes in San Diego area

 Beginning now, July 28, 2019, I'm sharing some of my observations with growing grapes here in the San Diego area since the early 1990's, with emphasis on home garden growing.   I only grow grapes with seeds, -  to me with-seed grapes have a more nutritive feel to my body,... apparently a more nutritive effect on my body.  These are all grown with reference to fresh-eating.

'Cocktail' Mandelo Citrus

 This is 'Cocktail' mandelo, a mandarin x pummelo hybrid.  The fruit is beautifully flavored with usually low acidity with a mild grapefruit flavor and refreshingly sweet.    The flesh is golden colored; grapefruit sized fruit.   'Cocktail' is a very productive variety and does well from at least coastal to foothill locations.   The tangerine/mandarin fruits in the background on the tree are the 'Clementine' mandarin/tangerine.

White Sapote (Casimiroa edulis)

(CLICK ON TITLE TO SEE MORE INFO)  White Sapote fruit, a very sweet, lightly juicy, or, more so creamy, very sweet soft fleshed fruit, with large white seeds in the center of the fruit about 1.5 inches long and a bit narrower in width.   The fruits are a few inches in diameter, the skin color ranges from green to yellow, variable per sun exposure of the fruit and the particular variety or genetics of the individual tree.

Ice Cream Bean - Inga edulis

 (click underlined title to see more photos)   The tree grows fairly fast to about 20 feet tall, 25 feet or more wide, a few feet per year, and is very resourceful with its roots getting water.   Ice Cream Bean trees are typically rather productive with fruiting.   The fruit is mild mellow sweet, no acid tang, and mildly moist to dry-ish.   The flesh is about a 1/4" thick with a fused seed of about 1"x1/2" in size.

Lychee / Litchi fruit growing in San Diego area

 (click on underlined title to see more photos and info)   Lychees / Litchis can do really well in the San Diego area in average diggable San Diego region soils.   The variety in these photos is on a north facing slight slope aspect in the La Mesa / Spring Valley area.    The tree is about 18' tall by 20' wide, with the trunk diameter about 10" wide near ground level.   I estimate the age of the tree about 40 to 50 years old.

'Royale' Fig, aka 'Black Madeira Fig', in San Diego

(Click on underlined title to see more info and pictures)  Royale Fig, 2017, in OB, Sunset Cliffs, after a luscious bite, and a bit of adjustment of the fruit-meat for the photo(more photos further below if you click on the title).   Excellent rich very sweet fig, can sometimes have raspberry jam flavor notes, with delicious skin, which is marshmallowy and chewy.   I've grown this fig since 1990.  Ripens better in warmer dryer climate or micro-climate, best quality further inland.

Prickly Pear fruit - Round deep red fruits

 Deep red Prickly Pear fruit, from plants growing in Poway.  This is not a native Opuntia, this is an Opuntia ficus-indica sort.  This is a round fruited form, with round leaves/pads.   Fruit has soft juicy flesh, juicier than typical prickly pear fruits for fresh eating, which is mildly sweet, with more tanginess/acidity(but not 'too much') than typical prickly pear fruit varieties used for fresh eating.    Pleasant, refreshing eating quality.

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