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Regional Native Plants of Particular Interest: Coreopsis maritima - Sea Dahlia

(Click on underlined title to see more) Yellow flowers, lacy foliage.  Grows only during rainy season/cool half of year.  Blooms late Winter through Spring.  Dry season dormant perennial.  Growing with Dudleya edulis on cliff edge.  All photos early Spring.

Opuntia littoralis in foreground, - Coast Prickly Pear.  

Regional Native Plants of Particular Interest: Quercus dumosa - Scrub Oak


(Click on underlined title to see more) Interesting and endearing cluster of Quercus dumosa in center area of photograph, apparently about 10 to 12 feet tall.  Potentially gets to 6 to 18 feet all around, typically, potentially much larger in shady north facing sites with adequate moisture,.. and time; slow to moderate growth rate, depending on water availability.  Photo above in Torrey Pines, as seen from the highway 1.

Regional Native Plants of Particular Interest: Isocoma menziesii, Baccharis pilularis, Artemisia californica,...

 (Click on underlined title to see more) Isocoma in foreground, Baccharis pilularis(bush form) in middle background.  Photo in early Autumn, Del Mar.  Brownish dry-dormant Artemisia californica in mid-background.   Torrey Pine, center background.  Atriplex lentiformis left background, light grey foliage.

Regional Native Plants of Particular Interest: Eriophyllum confertiflorum and some Coastal and Foothill Shrub Scrub

(Click on underlined title to see more) Gets about 2 feet all around, loose.  Blooms Spring to Summer.  Top Photo in Pt. Loma, with Torrey Pines, Adenostoma fasciculata, Artemisia californica, Lemonade Berry, and Rhamnus crocea(left front corner) being the most prominent other plants.  Weed non-native iceplant in foreground.  Bottom photo at Mt.

Regional Native Plants of Particular Interest: Flowers of: Lemonade Berry, and, Ceanothus verrucosus

 Top photo of white flowered Lemonade Berry at left, and the usual pink flowered at right.  Bottom photo of the pink flowered LB at left, and white flowered Ceanothus verrucosus at right.

Regional Native Plants of Particular Interest: Centaurium venustum - Canchalagua - annual

(Click on underlined title to see more) Centaureum venustum, pink flowers, blooms Spring to early Summer; in dry open exposures usually gets around 3 to 6 inches tall, more where it gets more water or part shade.  Yellow flower in top photo appears to be a young stage Chaenactis glab. in bloom, and in-bud Deinandra(both shown separately further in this blog).

Regional Natives of Particular Interest: Arctostaphylos glandulosa ssp. crassifolia, Del Mar Manzanita

(Click underlined title to see more) Del Mar Manzanita, in center, gets a few feet or more all around, wider than taller, with Eriogonum fasciculatum(local Buckwheat) in left foreground, Torrey Pines in background, Adenostoma fasc. between them in the mid-background.  Below photo with the Manzanita in foreground, with a little portion of Lemonade Berry showing at left side of photo, and a mixture of the rest mentioned above to the right background.

Regional natives of particular interest: Oenothera elata

An upright evening primrose.  Tolerates a range of watering / moisture situations, but normally is found where watering or moistness is frequent throughout the year, like many other garden plants.  Occasionally plants will be found growing wild in urban areas near asphalt or concrete where no irrigation occurs, doing pretty well and blooming most of the time.

Regional Natives of Particular Interest: Delphinium cardinale - Scarlet Larkspur

(Click underlined title for more info) Delphinium cardinale, the red flowered stalks, grows about 5 to 6 feet tall in bloom, foliage stays within about a foot of ground.  Blooms late Spring into Summer.  Foliage is green and growing in winter with the rains then withers by late Spring.

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