San Diego wild growing non-natives of special interest: Limonium ramosissimum and Hypericum canariense

(Click on underlined title to see more info)Photo at top is Algerian Sea Lavender - Limonium ramosissimum, a very attractive compact grower, 'cute as a button' with nice-n-tight leaves and dainty flowers, growing in the San Diego River flood channel in north Ocean Beach, which is east Dog Beach.  Very worthy of garden use for sunny spaces with weekly watering, or less frequent, during the dry season in typical yards.  It's native to the Mediterranean countries of Africa and Southern Europe, especially Algeria, in moist sandy beach areas.   

                                                           Middle and bottom photos are Hypericum canariense, in Point Loma and north Florida Canyon by Morley Field, respectively; native to the Canary Islands and Madeira Islands.  The following plants in the middle photo are San Diego natives:  yellow flowers near upper left corner are Eriophyllum confertiflorum and two clumps of Toyon in middle and left back of middle.  The grey-green fine foliage in the background and to the right is Quercus dumosa, Scrub Oak.  The plants in the upper left corner appear to be Adenostoma fasciculatum in back, with Salvia mellifera in front of it, with more scrub oak, forward of the Salvia(they're all on a little hill there, as to the difference in heights. 

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