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Hugging House Trees


A few trees of Metrosideros are planted within one foot of the house, and, a Ficus benjamina tree is also planted within one foot of the house on the right side just in from the arch-arbor.    Planting the trees practically right up against the house is a very daring strong-minded design sense.   This is a big deal, done in a high quality manner.  Mission Hills, 2021.

Succulent & Cactus Garden, Encinitas/Leucadia, by Michael Buckner



 North side of Moonlight Beach area up the street slope.   San Diego succulent landscaping.



Cactus and Succulent Garden in Mt. Soledad, by Michael Buckner


Cactus & succulent garden in Mt. Soledad neighborhood, July 2018, by Michael Buckner (click on title to see more)

Colorful Succulent composition by Michael Buckner, background by Tom Piergrossi, Sin Jen, and Lila the property owner

Click underlined title for more text) In Mission Hills.  The foreground plants are all succulents, except the rouge center is Neoregelia 'Fireball', a type of bromeliad.

Hakea suaveolens with Korean Grass

 Near La Jolla Shores, great combo effect here with the Hakea and Korean Grass(Zoysia tenuifolia).  Hakea suaveolens is native to Australia, Korean grass, - fair to guess it's native to Korea, but it is native to the 'far east' of Asia.  Unknown designer.

Vons blue-yellow-orange-green composition


Lovely color combo composition at the Vons shopping center on Midway Drive, with Hymenosporum flavum(tree - yellowish), Agapanthus(blue), Hibiscus 'Crown of Bohemia'(orange), and Xylosma congestum(orangish new growth, hedge in background).  Unknown designer.

American Classic, front yard and house architecture

American Classic front yard and house architecture, with San Diego adapted industrial strength plants:  Liquidambar, Raphiolepis, Agapanthus, Fescue lawn.  In Point Loma.  Unknown designer.

Kensington, Michael Buckner succulent-n-cactus designscape

                       San Diego succulent landscaping.


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