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Pt. Loma, Nimitz Blvd at Catalina Blvd on-ramp, Michael Buckner succulent designscape


Plants are Euphorbia 'Firestix'(orangey mass), Aloe cameronii, Golden leaved Crassula 'jade', variegated green-n-white Portulacaria.

                               San Diego succulent landscaping.

Mt. Soledad, Michael Buckner succulent-n-cactus designscape

608                   San Diego succulent landscaping.

Creative and Interesting Patio Brickwork

(Click on underlined title to see more) These two pictures are from the following blog site:

Near SDSU, simple subtropical-scape rental

 Middle Bougainvillea probably 'Orange King', ties in with building.  Unknown designer.

East Carmel Valley, private gated community

Unknown landscape architect/designer.


Hillcrest Landscape, Asiatic theme

Unknown landscape designer.  

East Carmel Valley, Michael Buckner succulent-n-cactus designscape, Located in a private gated community

                   San Diego succulent landscapin

Hillcrest Landscape, trés chic xeric, four plant varieties composition + DG

Euporbia 'Ammak'(light), Euphorbia ingens(dark), Euphorbia trigona(small), Agave parryi 'huachucensis', coarse decomposed granite.  Unknown designer.

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