White Sapote (Casimiroa edulis)

(CLICK ON TITLE TO SEE MORE INFO)  White Sapote fruit, a very sweet, lightly juicy, or, more so creamy, very sweet soft fleshed fruit, with large white seeds in the center of the fruit about 1.5 inches long and a bit narrower in width.   The fruits are a few inches in diameter, the skin color ranges from green to yellow, variable per sun exposure of the fruit and the particular variety or genetics of the individual tree.  The tree gets moderate to large size when grown from seed, not grafted, - potentially 30'x30' with adequate water.  Can be rather or very drought tolerant after some establishment of extending roots, depending on exposure and location.  With appropriate pruning can be kept at any height, and still be proportionately productive,.... you could keep the 'tree' 6' tall if you like, and still get some fruit.    If grafted the tree size is moderate to small, maybe half seedling size or less.   The two fruit from this picture are from the same tree, which is an old tree in Ocean Beach, which I've been eating fruit from since the late 1980's, 30 years plus.   This OB variety is apparently a seedling, not grafted, and is about 25' tall and wide.    White Sapote is native to the southern Mexico region.

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